39th National Farmers Day Celebrations in Akuapim South

2023 farmers day The National Farmers Day (NFD) celebration is a ceremony instituted to honour deserving farmers and to acknowledge the contribution of farming activities to national growth. The celebration is observed at the local level in all Metros, Municipalities, Districts and Agencies (MMDAs).

Over the years the celebration has evolved in nation and form especially in terms of the number of awardees as well as the items presented to awardees. These celebrations are funded by government, local assemblies, corporate organizations and private businesses and individuals.

● To identify and honour individuals investing in the Agricultural sector
● To identify and honour other actors in the agriculture value chain
● to identify and honour vulnerable persons investing in agriculture
● to demonstrate that agriculture is lucrative and encourage new entrants

39th NFd celebration
This year the Akwapim South Municipal Assembly observed the day on !st December, 2023 just like all MMDAs across the nation in a very colorful event with sponsorship from government, IGF, MPs CF, individuals, private businesses and corporate institutions Deserving farmers were selected through a rigorous process by personnel constituted for the purpose.

In all 9 farmers were awarded and 2 staff of the Department of Agriculture were also awarded for their dedication to extending improved technologies to farmers. Award items included polytanks, Motorking, knapsack sprayers,fertilizers, weedicides, cutlasses, Flat TVs cloth among others.

The best farmer was awarded to Charles Ayesu Kwafo who cultivated coconut, oilpalm, cocoa, cassava, plantain, maize, pineapple, pepper, sugarcane and rearing of goats.
  • Dec. 11, 2023

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