Akuapim South Municipal gets Immigration Office

immigration office.jpg The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is an agency of the government of Ghana under the Ministry of the Interior. The GIS regulates examination and authorization of application for visas, entry and residence permits in Ghana. Control of foreign nationals in Ghana, facilitation of Ghanaian passport application processing, border control and management, refugee registration, protection and management. The service advises on and ensures the effective implementation of all laws and regulations pertaining to immigration and related issues.

The Akuapim South Municipal Assembly held a short ceremony to commission the immigartion office at Ahwerase. Present at the ceremony was the Hon. Frank Aidoo (MCE), Ms. Lydia Akueteh (MCD), Mrs. Sika Sika Sika Sika the immiration commander and other officers of the service.

The Immigration Service is charged with handling all the needs that relate to the country's dealings with non-citizens. The functions of the service are:
  • to create conducive environments, through the establishment of regulatory frameworks that facilitate the entry, residence and employment of foreigners in Ghana
  • to promote socio-cultural and economic development, by drawing a tangent between the promotion of tourism, foreign direct investments, international business and technological transfer without compromising on national security.
  • April 24, 2020

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