Sensitization Execise on Newly Commissioned Akuapim Vocational & Technical Institute

Placeholder image On the 18th of April, 2021, a team of thirteen (13) individuals were tasked to embarked on the 1st phase of sensitization exercise at various Churches in the municipality. The Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Church of Pentecost, Stream of Life Ministries, Assembly’s of God Church and Great Citadel Church were the main focus of the first phase of the exercise. The communities which were sensitize were Kitase, Gyankamah, Kokonuru, Aburi and Ahwerease between the hours of 9:00am and 12:00. The exercise was aimed at introducing the Akuapim Vocational Technical Institute to the communities through the Churches, courses to be studied, address accommodation issues and why they should patronize this great opportunity.

Presentation A brief introduction was given by the team members and the main agenda was dived into. The purpose of technical and vocational training is to equip people with the technical and professional skills needed for socio-economic and industrial development of the country. Basically, this is to train people to be self-employed and stop this scourge of unemployment in our society.

The institute was an initiative between the Member of Parliament (PM), Hon. O. B. Amoah and the Assembly through the Hon. Frank Aidoo Municipal Chief Executive (MCE). The institute was commissioned on the 12thof December, 2020 at Kitase (Onyaase) where it is situated. The concentrated courses to be undertaken currently include;
• Fashion
• Hairdressing
• Catering and Hospitality
• Electricals
• Plumbing
• Building and Construction
• Carving and Woodwork

In addition to the fore mentioned courses, mathematics, English, I.C.T., Entrepreneurial skills and home management will be taught as well. Qualification
Who are we looking for:
• J.H.S graduates who could not continue their schooling or were not placed into any Senior High School
• School drop-outs
• Unemployed individuals
• Those who wants to upgrade their vocational and technical profession (polishing)

An application form is sold at an amount of GH₵10.00 and the training fee per term is GH₵300.00. Interested persons can visit the Municipal Assembly at Aburi-Kumasi or contact us by phone on (233) 208246446 / (233) 204708115 for further information.

Questions and Answers:
A lot of questions and suggestions were recorded from the congregation after the presentation. Some wanted to know of available jobs at the institute (cleaners, security, etc). The responds was that those persons interested in working at the facility can forward/ drop their application letters at the Municipal Assembly. There was a question about the duration of the program, which is three years. Several also wanted clarity on the courses both the majored and general courses, of which the team elaborated more on. And whether there will be evening and weekend session. The responds was that the main stream or full time sessions are currently available but the week-end and evening sessions will be made known at the appropriate time.

Some asked ‘Whether there will be the issuance of certificate after the training? The responds was yes there will be, that is, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Certificate and it will help anyone who wishes to continue his or her education into any tertiary institution. Issues of accommodation and clarity on training fees also came up. Some were also concern about sponsorship / support. Also interested persons were advised to pick up the application forms as early as possible since that can determine any support.

The sensitization exercise on the Akuapem Vocational Technical Institute was successful at the various Churches visited. The team members were punctual at the various venues. All the Churches received the team well and participated actively as well. Some application form was sold at these venues.
  • Apr. 30, 2021

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