SW&CD organizes Sensitization on Child Marriage

Placeholder image Ghana still records five women age 20-24 years who are married before age 18 years. More proportion of persons living in rural areas practice child marriage as compared to the urban areas which brings about school drop outs.

It is against this backdrop that the Gender unit of the Akwapim South District on Thursday 14th July 2020, in collaboration with Hope Child Development Centre, organised a sensitization programme on Child Marriage for members of Pokrom community and its environs.

Participants were taken through the various causes, effects and prevention, among others, of child marriage. They were advised to be firm and resolute in the upbringing of their children, most especially the girl child. As parents, they should not place any financial responsibility on their girl child. They should also live lives worth emulating so that their children would follow.

Out of a total of ninety six (96) participants, eighty two (82) female and fourteen (14) male benefitted from the programme. All Covid -19 protocols were duly observed.

    Source: ASDA Soc. Welfare & Comm. Dev,    
  • Jul. 28, 2021

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