Three Day Sensitization for Persons with Disability in Akuapim South

Placeholder image Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) also collaborated with the Gender Unit to organize a three (3) day training workshop for parents, caregivers and children with disabilities on the theme; The Key Actor Child Disability Rights project.

This training was to enhance Children with Disabilities (CWDs) on their Rights and create an environment of all-inclusiveness to avoid stigmatization and discrimination. Parents and caregivers were also sensitized on the various intervention programs for Children and Persons with disabilities (CPWDs) in Ghana.

Participants were selected from the various communities in the Akwapim South Municipal and were grouped into (2) to have the training on different occasions. The total participants for the training were sixty-two (62).

The table below shows the details;
Participants Sex TOTAL Male Female Trainers 2 6 8 Caregiver/Parents 4 11 15 Children With Disabilities 8 12 20 Persons With Disabilities 10 9 19 TOTAL 24 38 62

    Source: ASDA Soc. Welfare & Comm. Dev,    
  • Jun. 06, 2021

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