E-Levy Sensitization in Akuapim South

Placeholder image As part of efforts by Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Information Services Department (ISD) to educate the citizenry on the electronic transfer levy (E-levy), officers of the Akuapim South Information Services Department embarked on a sensitization exercise from 12th – 28th May, 2022, throughout the municipality. Places visited were Churches, Mosques, market places/communities and information centres.

The Churches/ Mosques/ communities include;
Methodist Church(Gyankamah), Church of Pentecost(Kitase), Apostolic Church(Aburi), Presbyterian Church(Aherease) and Methodist Church(Aburi), Aburi Mosque, Pakro Mosque, Aburi, Aburi Jamaicaso, Aherease, Gyankamah, Konkonnuru, Berekuso and Kitase, Mpeduase, Nkunkrom, Pokrom, Nsaba, Obodan, Oboadaka, Obosono, Dumpong, Dego, Yaw Duodu, Akwakupom, Attakrom and Pakro.

The citizenry were educated on what the E-levy is, at what rate it will be charged, what transfers fall or does not fall under the E-levy and how important it is to both the citizenry and the government. The people were encouraged not to engage the services of the mobile money agents in doing transfers but rather do it themselves which will help generate more revenue for the benefit of the whole country. Questions, answers and suggestions were given as well.
  • May 30, 2022
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