LEAP Beneficiaries receive Stipends

Placeholder image LEAP is an acronym of Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty which is one of the social intervention programmes and a cash transfer for the poorest household in Ghana to assist with basic needs, including food. It improves the health and educational status of children and also alleviate poverty from these households.

Poorest Household with disadvantage people such as; orphans and vulnerable children, aged /Elderly (65 years and above), persons with severe disabilities who cannot work and very poor pregnant women and lactating mothers with infants under one (1) year.

It is paid to selected households in the municipality and is done bi-monthly to caregivers on a cycle basis. Twenty -six (26) communities have been selected, which consist of five hundred and twenty- two (522) households currently benefiting. The amount a household receives is based on the number of eligible household members for every payment cycle
• One eligible member receives GH₵ 64.00 • Two eligible member receive GH₵ 76.00 • Three eligible member receive GH₵ 88.00 • Four and more eligible member receive GH₵ 106.00

Payment is done with the help of collaborating institutions like Police Service and Akwapim Rural Bank.

Community Focal Persons (CFPs) also play a major role in mobilizing LEAP caregivers for payments and also receive complaints from them at the community level. The last payment cycle done was the 71st and 72nd.

    Source: ASDA Soc. Welfare & Comm. Dev,    
  • Aug. 20, 2021

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