NYA Office in Akuapim South donates to Women, Children and the Under Privileged

Placeholder image On the 2nd of March 2021,the National Youth Authority of Akuapim South,donated items such as cloths, bags, belts,caps and shoes to some under privilege youth,children and women in Aburi.

This items were donated based on the request from Honourable Seth Asare of Aburi North to support the less privilege.Hence NYA decided to collect these items from people who had but no longer in need of it.

After the presentation, the Acting Municipal Director of NYA (Mr. Nzeh George) advised that we should all try and support the under privilege in our society, such as children, women and especially the youth since they are the engine of growth for future development of every country. When we support the under privilege in our society, it makes them feel happy, being loved and also cared for he said. Why throw away clothes or items you acquired, when there are thousands of people out there, who are struggling to get such things to make a living, he added.

The beneficiaries were also very thrilled with the donation made to them and thanked NYA for coming to their aid when they needed that support.

Honorable Seth Asare (Assembly man of Aburi North) also thanked NYA for not letting him down.

  • March. 24, 2021

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