NYA organizes peaceful campaign for Election 2020

Placeholder image The National Youth Authority of Akuapim South organized a peace campaign subbed" THE ROLE OF THE YOUTH IN ENSUING A PEACEFUL ELECTION 2020.

Peace before, during and after election is the basic foundation for national development because the carnage in Kenya and the protest in Pakistan are the ashes of elections. The politician dream became the populace nightmare. The worst of it is , we the youth are largely affected.On the heels of that, the National Youth Authority organized a peace campaign to foster unity among the youth of the various political parties and to also enshrine the role of the youth in ensuring a peaceful election 2020 in Ghana.

Mr. Nzeh George (AG. Municipal Director - NYA) admonished the youth to be agent of peace in the Municipality and Ghana at large.We the youth are the center nerve of this country's development, hence don't allow any politician to use you for any social vices because you may end up getting hurt or even lose your life.

The Deputy Municipal Director of NCCE (Mr. Osei William who was the main guest speaker educated the youth on the role of the youth in ensuring a peaceful election.

In attendance was NPP, NDC youth and also youth from other clubs and associations.

The leaders of all these groups were also given the opportunity to educate the youths on the importance of peace and unity building among themselves in order to foster development in our Municipality and Ghana at large.

The youth of Akuapim South also pledged to promote peace before, during and after election 2020.

The program was a successful one.

  • Nov. 20, 2020

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