Second General Assembly Meeting of Akuapim South Municipal Assembly for year 2020

2nd gen ass.jpg The second ordinary meeting of the first session of the fourth general assembly was held on Tuesday 2nd October, 2020 at the Assembly Hall, Aburi. The MCE is obliged by law per the Local Governance Act (Act 936, 2016), to address the house on issues that have transpired in the Assembly since the last Assembly meeting and also present the Executive Committee’s report. In attendance was Hon. Frank Aidoo, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Michael Ahwireng, the Presiding Member, Madam Lydia Akueteh, Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Assembly members, the various heads of departments and agencies, representatives of civil societies, the media and some town folks.

The MCE expressed his deepest pleasure to the Assembly for such an engagement and welcomed all. He spoke on the developmental issues in the areas of Education, Security, Agriculture, Health, Infrastructure and Investment.

According to him, the security situation in the Municipality was calm with the exception of some pockets of land litigation and chieftaincy related issues that are being handled by the Municipal Security Council. The Aburi-Adamorobe road which sparked a demonstration has being graded and also Management has been able to bring under control threats of demonstration by residents of Berekuso and Comet due to the bad nature of their roads. The assembly has reshaped some roads, these are: Obodan to Ahyeresu, Abetima to Obtwere, Pakro to Abuabo, Pakro Zongo to Adumisi, Aboabo to Odumtogoro, Aburi to Ahwerease town roads, Berekuso town roads and Jamaicaso to Adamorobe feeder roads to ease the transportation challenges faced by motorists and farmers.

The Assembly on the 6th of October, 2020, will undertake a mass disbursement program to persons living with disability at Adamorobe. This is jeered towards improving the living conditions of these people. The items to be distributed include: corn mill machines, boxes of cutlass, freezers, laptops, popocorn machines, sewing machines, foldable chairs and canopies. He informed the house about the commencement of operations of International Child Development (ICD), an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in the municipality. They are to educate and train the girl child between the ages of 14 to 19 years who dropped out of school in acquisition of literacy, numeracy as well as vocational skills in order to help improve their standard of living and that of their families. They will train twenty-seven (27) girls from 13 selected communities for a year.

He spoke on the just ended Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) which stated on the 14th to the 18th of September, 2020. He indicated to the House that, a team made up of some management members, Education Directorate representatives and Security Agencies visited the various centres to monitor the proceedings of the exams and interacted with candidates. Three (3) girls out of a total of one thousand and eighty-two (1082) of registered candidates were absent. The Ghana School Feeding Program extended its services to the Junior High School (JHS) 3 students when it provided them with one hot meal from the 24th August to the 18th of September, 2020. Also, the construction of the Kitase Vocational School is almost done, furniture for teachers have been delivered. He therefore encouraged all especially the Assembly members to sensitize their community members to send their wards there upon its completion.

He indicated that a land has been secured for the construction of the Municipal Court and bungalow to house the Magistrate. Profiling has been completed and construction has also started. Also, the Pokrom market has been completed under the “one million one constituency” program to improve revenue collection. The market has seventy-two (72) cubicles with a mini warehouse and a toilet facility.

The discriminating cutting down of trees has gradually led to the degradation of our vegetation, in view of this, management collaborated with the Aburi Traditional Council as well as the Botanical Gardens to embark on a tree planting exercise on 19th September, 2020, in the Aburi township. The exercise would be replicated in the various electoral areas and all were encouraged to adopt good afforestation practices to safe guard the vegetation.

Ten thousand coconut seedlings were distributed to farmer in the municipality under the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) program. Also, management has received the long awaited twenty thousand (20,000) palm seedlings from the Minerals Commission for distribution to farmers. These will boost the rapid industrialization of the Municipality and improve the standard of living of farmers. He also presented the Executive Committee’s report to the house.

He informed the House about the disbursement of the loan packages provided by the government under the Coronavirus Alleviation Program. He therefore asked successful applicants to contact the Co-operative Department of the Assembly for further information and clarification.

In conclusion, the House asked for clarifications and questions where necessary. The DCE, Hon. Frank Aidoo gave his closing remarks and the meeting came to an end.
  • March 09, 2020

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