Building and Development Permit Services

Processes for Securing a Building and Development Permit
Development permitting is the main instrument for controlling or managing physical development.
Effective development management promotes orderliness, convenience of movement, public safety and enhanced economic development.
Development permit in this context refers to permits issued in relation to planning and building applications.
  • Act 936, 2016
  • Act 925, 2016
  • Li 1630,1996
  • Assembly bye laws
Basic requirements for all applications
  • Acquire building permit application form (jacket) from accounts office
  • Acquire development permit application form 1 from physical planning department.
  • Evidence of land ownership (land title registration certificate from lands commission).
  • Approved layout site plan duly endorsed.
  • Four (4) set of endorsed architecture/ working drawings.
  • For multi-storey structures, commercial and other public user facilities, additional requirements such as epa permit, fire report, hydrological report, geotechnical report, traffic impact assessment report etc may be required.

Submission of application forms
  • Submit completed development application form with all necessary documents to the physical planning department (formerly town & country planning department).
  • The physical planning department in conjunction with other departments shall process the application.
  • Vetting by works department
    • structural assessments
    • architectural assessments
    • assess permit fees
  • Vetting by physical planning dep’t zoning checks
    • planning assessments
    • further consultation

    On submission, the applicant shall be informed of:
    • Corrections to be made
    • Additional documents to be attached
    • Development fees to be paid
    • Development fees is paid at the accounts office